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  • Kris Conner

Mountains Moved: UVM Surpasses Campaign Goal

When you work with colleges and universities to develop campaign communications, as I do, you typically put in many hours of heavy thinking and creative messaging on the front end--and then you let the development team run with what you created. I do my best to follow campaigns to see (1) if the client remained true to the creative script and (2) if the client met or surpassed its goal. So today I was thrilled to see that the University of Vermont Foundation blew past its $500 million goal for the Move Mountains campaign. Congratulations!

Working in partnership with Snavely Associates, I was the lead writer and message strategist for the Move Mountains campaign. Because the president and Board had already named the campaign, our message research focused on how best to execute the name and concept in ways that would resonate with donors. Our creative team developed a sub-theme, “This is where I/we. . . ,” that allowed members of the UVM community to tie their achievements and innovations to the unique sense of place that the university and its surroundings afford. I wrote the main print case statement, which became the basis for the campaign website. I also wrote smaller cases for seven individual colleges and the University of Vermont Medical Center. You can see more of this work here


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