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  • Kris Conner

It's the Most Wonderfully Weird Time of Year!

Let's face it: From just before Thanksgiving into the holidays and the new year, time has the tendency to slip through our fingers more quickly than usual. I had no fewer than five projects kick off in November and early December that are limping along slowly or haven't really gained any momentum at all. The energy and inspiration of those first Zoom meetings have dissipated as clients realize that the odds of getting anything meaningful done--a process dependent on syncing multiple staff members' schedules--are slim-to-none until January 3. So many projects are now a "2023 problem." The good news is that I have many new challenges to look forward to in January!

My saving grace is another group of clients who really want to get the projects we started in early fall (or even summer) signed, sealed, and delivered before the holiday week. I love these clients because they pretty much guarantee a busy December for me. Although January 1 is essentially a psychological deadline--it really won't matter if their website/print piece/new brand strategy is ready to go on the first day of 2023--I understand and appreciate the desire to have everything wrapped up and under their metaphorical tree by December 24. So those are the projects I am focusing on right now.

So let's finish 2022 strong and look forward to 2023!

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