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I am a creative strategist and copywriter.

I partner with hospitals and healthcare systems, educational institutions, and cultural and nonprofit organizations--as well as design firms that serve those clients--to create marketing and fundraising communications that inspire action. I also write patient education materials to help people dealing with cancer and other serious conditions. 


Whether I am working in print, digital, or video formats, my goals are to (1) become an expert in the subject  matter (or close to an expert!); (2) develop themes and messages that will resonate with the audience; (3) deliver outstanding content, every time. 


I often work closely with designers, photographers, digital developers, and videographers to develop key messages and ensure that words and visuals work hand in hand.


With every client, my goal is to be a seamless member of the team, quickly grasp their unique story, and deliver and execute creative ideas that help them stand apart. 

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